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Not only is it important to have a healthy smile, but also a smile that you can be proud of. Cosmetic dentistry can help you accomplish this. Our team specializes in Veneers, fillers, and teeth whitening. All of these services can help you have a beautiful, long lasting smile that you can be proud of.

Many patients ask about teeth whitening. We offer an in office teeth whitening where within 30 minutes your whitening session is completed. Prior to the whitening, we want to establish you as an existing patient. The first step is to have a complete exam and x-rays by the dentist and hygienist. This is critical as we want to make sure that both your tooth and gum health is at a high level so that a teeth whitening does not hurt your overall oral health. If you are in need of dental work or have gum disease, a whitening may actually hurt your overall oral health. The next step would be to have your teeth cleaned. We want to remove all of the plaque and buildup from your teeth to avoid staining and then achieve the best overall outcome.

Following the whitening, we advise you stay away from certain foods and alcohols for up to 8 hours. The best test for items to avoid, is that if the food or beverage would stain Tupperware, then you need to avoid for 8 hours. The reason why is that the whitening chemicals take up to 8 hours to fully set into your teeth. Nobody wants their teeth to look like wine. From there, you have successfully whitening your teeth. A teeth whitening should only occur every 6 months.

Another cosmetic dental solution is a veneer. A veneer is an extended crown, to where the tooth is made larger, brighter, fuller, and more cosmetically attractive. The veneer also helps to create structure for the tooth. A veneer is an excellent solution for front teeth that do not match your smile or do not look full and bright enough.


Fillers are often used to brighten dull teeth as well. Fillers are essentially fillings for front teeth that do not have decay. This is simply used to brighten the teeth.

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