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Crowns are an excellent way to fix a tooth that is cracked, chipped, in pain, one that has significant decay, or is used to complete a root canal. A crown is used to repair a tooth with significant decay or one that may have fractures or cracks. Often the patient may not know that they need a crown as the decay that has built up has not caused any pain or discomfort yet.

However, if a crown is not completed when prescribed, then often is the case that the patient may end up needing both a root canal and crown in the near future or may actually need to have their tooth extracted. A crown can be looked at as both the restoration of a tooth or teeth that need fixed, but also as a preventative method to also stop the tooth from having further issues causing larger health concerns and financial costs.

For a crown, we numb the area that the crown is being completed. The visit is relatively short and the patient should expect to be comfortable the next day. At the first visit, we make take an impression of the tooth so that we can send the model to our lab so that the can manufacture a crown that custom fits your tooth. We then make a temporary crown that will fit your tooth and look natural while the lab manufactures your permanent crown. You then return to our office two weeks later and we permanently cement the crown on your tooth.

Crowns are now made most of the time with a ceramic and porcelain material that perfectly matches your tooth shade so that your friends and family will not know that you had any dental work whatsoever. It will look perfectly natural. The ceramic and porcelain material is much stronger than the all metal material of the past. Some patients do prefer gold or silver crowns so if you are interested in a gold or silver crown, we are able to manufacture those for the patient as well. There is often an additional charge for this.

If your tooth is cracked, fractured, chipped, or bothering you please contact our office so that we can help you restore your tooth to its natural look and health as soon as possible. A crown may be needed and we will go through all options with you at your visit.

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