Replace Missing Teeth With A Dental Bridge

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Are you missing one or two teeth between your existing teeth? Does that gap stop you from smiling or chewing food in the part of your mouth? A dental bridge may be the solution for you. We can put white looking fake teeth attached to your existing teeth to accomplish giving you a beautiful smile and allow you to chew on that side of your mouth.

So how does a bridge work? Just like the word bridge over a river, we simply put crowns on your two existing teeth, then our dental lab fabricates a customized white looking natural tooth or teeth to fill the hole that is missing a tooth. Within 3-4 weeks, you will have your new bridge and will have something to smile about.

The first step to a bridge is either to have your tooth that is bothering you and wait 2-3 weeks for that area to heal. If the tooth has already been removed then you are ready to start. We take an impression and place temporary crowns in the bridge area. Approximately 3 weeks later, after our dental lab fabricates a custom fitting bridge, your permanent bridge will be placed.

After placement of the bridge, you will notice that it is a bit more difficult to floss between the bridges. Our dental team will instruct you, but we do recommend purchasing a water pick. Proper maintenance of the bridge will increase the duration to which it lasts.

Bridges typically last 10-20 years, but can vary based upon how well you take care of the bridge, your regular cleanings, diet, overall health, and other oral factors. Other options to a bridge are dental implants. Though a more expensive option, dental implants can last the entire life of the patient.

To determine if you are a candidate for a bridge to replace a missing tooth, please contact our office for an exam with our dental team.

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