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There are several types of teeth cleanings. These are dictated by the overall health of your gums and teeth.

A regular cleaning is often required every 6 months. These are for patients that have healthy gums and do not show bone loss. Bone loss is when the gum line shrinks, causing periodontal damage.   In addition to your regular cleaning, we recommend fluoride treatments after the cleaning to help maintain overall oral health. At a regular cleaning, your hygienist will use the newest technology to remove all plaque, buildup, and stains that we all build up on our teeth over time. Even if you are excellent at brushing and flossing, a regular cleaning is critical to maintain overall teeth and gum health.

We highly recommend that you work with a dental office where a licensed hygienist cleans your teeth and not a dentist. Hygienists are schooled specifically for cleanings and we find that the overall outcome and results is much better when a hygienist cleans your teeth. That is what they went to school for, it is what they enjoy to do, and hygienists have the best outcome in cleanings for your overall oral health.

A deep cleaning, also known as SRP or scaling and root planing is typically done over 2 visits. This type of cleaning becomes a medical necessity as it is needed in the case when our patients show unhealthy gums due to have large pockets or bone loss. Patients can often tell that they need a deep cleaning due to inflammation of the gums, bleeding upon brushing or flossing, irritation, pain, or bad breath. A deep cleaning also helps get bacteria out of infected tissue. This is not only important for your oral health but also your overall health. Several medical studies have linked gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, with overall health matters such as heart disease and other illnesses. After your deep cleaning is completed, our hygienist will see you again within 4-6 weeks for a follow up exam. At that point, we will discuss how well your gums have healed and place you on a regular cleaning schedule, known as periodontal maintenance.



Periodontal maintenance is a cleaning done for patients typically 3-4 months after a deep cleaning. This type of cleaning is more frequent than a regular cleaning and is also much more in depth. It is very important for our patients that are prescribed periodontal maintenance cleanings to remain on this schedule, so that their gums remain in healthy shape after the deep cleaning.

Full mouth debridement is often done to remove plaque and buildup on and around teeth so that the dental team can then determine if the patient requires a deep cleaning or a regular cleaning.

Our team may recommend additional resources to improve your overall oral health. We offer fluoride treatments at your regular cleanings. Flouride helps improve the overall strength of your teeth, helping to reduce the likelihood of cavities and needing fillings or crowns. The fluoride we use is like fluoride found in water in some parts of the country. We are now more and more likely to be fluoride deficient as we do not drink very much tap water, relying on bottled and purified water. Arestin is often recommended when our patients have very localized or individual teeth areas that have gum tenderness and inflammation. It is a medicine alternative to treatment and is an excellent way to heal infected gum areas. Our team also recommends Sonicare electric toothbrushes for the best at home dental care treatment. For those patients that do not like to floss, we recommend water picks to help with replacing what flossing should be doing for you.

At the first visit at our office or during your regular checkup, your dentist, hygienist, and entire dental team will go over what type of cleaning best suits your overall oral health. We also encourage you to be proactive with your at home case at all and brush on a regular basis and floss. Ask our team for additional tips to help improve your overall oral health.

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