Dental Exam & X-Rays in Phoenix

Dental Exam

Dental examinations are recommended on an annual basis to maintain quality oral hygiene. At your first visit with our practice, our team will complete a full set of dental x-rays on all teeth, the dentist will do a complete examination, and we will discuss the results with you. At this visit, we will take x-rays on all teeth, allowing the dentist to properly analyze any decay, infection, and possible areas of concern throughout the mouth. Nobody likes x-rays, but this still remains the best way to ensure that you maintain the highest level of oral health.

In addition, our hygienist and dentist will also review the health of your gums with you and go over the type of dental cleaning that will be done by the hygienist. This is a very important step within the process as the health of your gums not only correlates to the health of your teeth but also your overall medical health as well. We will also provide some tips for improved oral hygiene to take home with you.

If you are in pain or there is a dental emergency our exam will focus on the area which you are in pain. We will also check on the rest of your mouth to make sure that we catch any other issues before it becomes a significant area of concern.

We welcome you to bring any questions, concerns, areas of the mouth that are bothering you, or overall dental questions that you may have. We look forward to seeing you at our office at your next visit.

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