Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dentures & Partials

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Dentures are a custom fit, removable set of teeth that are used replace missing teeth. Dentures come in many forms. One type is a partial denture, where only some of the patient’s teeth are missing. Another comes in the form of a full mouth denture. Full mouth dentures are used to replace a patient’s full missing teeth. Both of these types of dentures can be for either the upper, lower, or full mouth.

To properly make a denture, it typically takes 5 total visits prior to actually receiving and wearing the denture home. The reason why this is, is that our office wants to make sure that you take home the best product possible to ensure the best results. Dentures will feel different in the mouth. Often the patient has to get used to the feel, it may have a different fit and impact how it feels to speak, eat, and just feel natural.   After the denture is delivered, it is typical to require 1 to 2 adjustments to ensure the best fit for the denture for our patient. Upper dentures tend to have a much better result than lower dentures. When a patient is getting lower dentures for the first time, we recommend initially a temporary denture. The reason behind this is that after extractions, your bone structure will change for the lower half of your mouth for the first 6 months. During this period, a lower temporary denture is worn. After this 6 months, the patient is then fit for a permanent upper denture.

A partial denture is when the patient still has some of their teeth, but needs a removable appliance to have additional teeth for both cosmetic and functional purposes. A partial denture easily is removed, similar to a retainer after braces. Just like a denture, a partial denture takes 5 visits to obtain the perfect fit. Adjustments often occur as well.

When missing teeth, dentures are important for the patient’s overall health as they help in keeping the teeth in the proper position when teeth are remaining and the help keep the overall mouth in a good form.

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