Tooth Extractions


Removal of a tooth (tooth extraction) is prescribed if the tooth is too extensively damaged from decay or trauma to be fixable, or if it is infected. Extractions can be completed in the first visit. As a philosophy, our dental practice provides the patient all of the options to help keep and maintain their teeth. After an extraction, the patient does have the option of a bridge, denture, or a dental implant to replace the teeth that have been extracted.

Often the patient comes to our office in considerable pain or with an infection and requests the tooth to be extracted. Often, the patient has the option to have a root canal and crown to help save the tooth. However, this is not always the option and the tooth is deemed to be not restorable or not savable. If this is the case, or the patient simply chooses to have the tooth removed then you should expect the following. An extraction can often occur at the initial visit. We do not put patients under, of known as anesthesia. We simply numb the area of the mouth where the extraction or extractions are occurring. After the extraction you should expect some level of pain. The level of pain and how long it will last depends upon the patient themselves and the specifics of the extractions. After the extraction we will often see the patient 1 to 2 weeks for a follow up appointment and remove and stitched placed.

A question that often occurs after the extraction is how to a get a tooth back in where that tooth used to be. One solution is a bridge, another is a partial denture or denture, and a final solution is an implant. We often recommend a bone graft to help restore the bone removed or lost during the extraction process.

If you are in pain, we recommend that you contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment so that we can help you manage and get rid of all the pain that exists. We will go through all of the options that exist for you as a patient to help get you out of pain. This may include an extraction as well as other options.

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