Did you have braces as a teenager and notice that your teeth have shifted slightly?  Do you want braces but don't want metal braces?  We have a solution for you called Invisalign.  Dr Mary Bellama at our 24th St & Baseline office is Invisgalign Certified.  So what is Invisalign and who is the right candidate?

Upon contacting our office, we will schedule you for a complimentary consultation with our dental team to learn more about Invisalign and if you are a candidate for it.  If you are an Invisalign candidate then we will take impressions of your teeth and through the patented Invisalign technology, Dr Bellama will create the digital models to correct and straighten your smile. Invisalign makes apporximately 20 clear custom fitting trays for you to wear that will be different.  As your smile progresses, you will then switch trays with our guidance.  

After completion of the entire Invisalign process, which can take anywehere from 6-24 months, you will receive a retainer to wear and you will have a new smile to be proud of.  To learn more, go to or contact our office at 602-243-6900 to learn more.

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