Root Canals

diagram of root canal

Do you have sharp or throbbing tooth pain? Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks? Often this is caused by decay and an infection that has gone down into your tooth and is now through the root of your tooth. If the patient does not address this and get fixed, pain can get considerably worse and possibly risk losing the tooth.

Saving the tooth is critical to our patients’ overall health and wellbeing. As teeth are extracted and lost, the teeth around them tend to get weaker due to less supporting teeth and modifying bone structure.

The patient should expect on the first visit that they will be able to have the root canal and crown prepared on the first visit. After this visit, the patients’ discomfort will be fixed and remedied. The patient will leave with a temporary crown on their tooth. We then send out the impression of that tooth to our lab to custom manufacture a crown to be placed on top of the tooth.

Crowns are typically now made white in color. This allows the crown to perfectly match the color of your existing teeth so that all teeth look natural and normal to the naked eye. The material used in todays’ crowns are often a porcelain crown, which is much stronger than the metal used in the past. However, if the patient is interested in a gold or silver crown, we are able to manufacture those for the patient as well. There is often an additional charge for this.

Patients are often presented with the option to a root canal follow by a crown and/or a buildup or have the tooth extracted. Both choices can help towards getting the patient out of pain. However, if clinically recommended, a root canal is the best approach to help save the existing tooth and maintain the best overall oral hygiene.

For questions on the root canal process and when crowns, buildups, or both a crown & buildup is needed please contact our office. We want to get you out of pain and comfortable while maintaining overall health. Our recommendation is to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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